Sunday, February 5, 2012

Get free UGC codes.

6 months ago; I had been searching all over the worldwide web for free Ultimate game card codes, but i found more than what i was looking for, I had discovered two websites that rewards free: Xbox live membership cards, psn cards, Amazon giftcards, ULTIMATE GAME CARDS, Electronics, and more. So here is how it works, First sign up for the websites I discovered here, ?r=4430413 and here NOTE: THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT WEBSITES SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO JOIN BOTH OF THEM, BUT BOTH OF THESE SITES ARE SO EASY SO I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU JOIN BOTH SITES FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE. Side-note: joining both websites are completely optional, if you don't wanna join both of them, then joining one is okay. Anyways, once you join these websites, you will have to earn points by completing offers provided by the advertisers that pays for everything you get from the rewards section. Once you earn enough points, you may now go into the rewards center to redeem the points you earned for prizes. And that's it.

I have found yet another website that gives out rewards too.
               Join here.
                      UPDATE :
When completing offers, you may want to use an email other than your primary one.